Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Tellington TTouch Training Opportunities for 2017: Companion Animal and Horse Trainings to Develop Your TTouch Skills!

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Lifewave Webinar

LifeWave Webinar

Learn more about LifeWave Pain Patches, an amazing complementary product, with Linda Tellington-Jones and Robyn Hood.

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Dressage with Body, Mind & Soul - SPECIAL OFFER

Dressage with Body, Mind & Soul - SPECIAL OFFER

Get a SIGNED copy of Linda's newest book, plus a FREE DVD - either “TTouch of Magic for Horses” OR “TTouch for Dressage Horses”!

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Horse Behaviour from the TTouch Perspective

Horse Behaviour from the
TTouch Perspective

Click on the video to play the short clip introducing some of the basic philosophies behind the Tellington TTouch Method of interacting and handling all animals, even though this particular clip is specific to horse training.

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About TTEAM for Horses

About TTEAM for Horses

Understand and influence your horse positively, safely, and effectively with the Tellington TTouch Method!

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About TTouch for Companion Animals

About TTouch for
Companion Animals

Learn the positive, forward thinking approach to handling, training, and understanding Companion Animals; the Tellington TTouch Method!

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Find a certified TTouch Practitioner near you!

Find a certified TTouch Practitioner near you!

Find a practitioner who can help you learn the Tellington Method.

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Now Available! Tellington TTouch Thundershirts in Green

Thundershirts: The Best Solution for Dog Anxiety!

Now Available in Green with TTouch Logo

In addition to doing TTouches on your dog, Linda recommends using the unique Thundershirts for dogs who are anxious, fearful or over-excited.

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Do you love interacting with animals?

Have you ever wished you could help an animal that has been labeled “dominant”, “alpha”, “disrespectful”, or that is fearful or uninterested in humans?

Would you like to have a better relationship with your animal, one based on mutual respect and clear communication?

Be proactive and empower yourself with tools for positive change . . .

Welcome to Tellington TTouch Training!

As the home of Tellington TTouch Training® in Canada, our mission is to promote The Tellington TTouch Method for Horses (TTEAM) and Companion Animals. For thirty years this method has offered animal lovers and professionals alike a positive, gentle and effective way to solve behavioural issues, enhance performance, and improve communication and relationships between humans and animals.

This method has been used worldwide and is recommended by countless veterinarians, trainers, rescue societies, and Olympians, as well as thousands of animal owners.

What We Offer:

If you are interested in attending a training, please check our schedule of Upcoming Events. You can also look for a Practitioner in your area. If you would like to learn more about TTEAM and TTouch, check out our selection of books and videos at the Online Store. We hope you enjoy your visit to the site and if you have any questions or suggestions, just let us know!

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