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Magazine Articles

Linda and the Tellington TTouch/TTEAM Method have been featured in a number of publications that post their articles online. Read about Linda's life's work and inspired contributions to the animal world.

Mein Pferd - The horse as a partner - Magic touch
By Bibi Degn, with photos
Ilja van de Kasteele February, 2014. Magische Berührung – Warum Pferde Körperkontakt lieben; Wie Sie dadurch das Vertrauen stärken; Die besten Übungen von Linda Tellington-Jones. Read more»

The Edge Magazine - Changing the world: An Interview with Linda Tellington-Jones
By Tim Miejan
Linda Tellington-Jones, Ph.D. (Hon), is passionate about helping all species return to a state of peace and well-being. Read more»
Tim Miejan also interviewed Dr. Cecilia Wendler - One woman’s professional, personal experience with TTouch. It’s hard to overstate the role that Tellington TTouch has played in Dr. Cecilia Wendler’s life, not only personally, but professionally in being able to help introduce this healing method. Read more»

Dressage Today - Reiner Klimke and Linda Tellington-Jones' "Working Magic with Dressage Horses"
By Beth Baumert
When Reiner Klimke collaborated with Linda Tellington-Jones at a California symposium, dressage horses from First Level to Grand Prix were transformed. From the editors of Dressage Today magazine. Read more»

Equine Wellness - Read articles about Linda and Tellington TTouch in the online magazine Equine Wellness: Your Natural Resource

EquiSearch - The Linda Tellington-Jones Story
By Bonnie Lieberman
For 30 years Linda Tellington-Jones' unique method of working with horses has fostered understanding to enhance horse-and-rider relationships around the world. By Bonnie Lieberman for EQUUS magazine. Read more»

EquiSearch - Ask the Vet: EPM Diagnosis and Treatment
By Dr. Joyce Harman
Equine Protozoal Myelitis (EPM) can be a difficult disease to diagnose and treat in the horse. Dr. Joyce Harman offers help in's Ask the Vet.  
Dr. Joyce writes: "One of my favorite physical therapies to help the nervous system recover is Linda Tellington-Jones TTEAM and TTouch techniques. These are similar to some techniques used in human rehabilitation for things like strokes and are very successful. My favorite is a booklet they have specifically on neurologic rehabilitation." Read more»

EquiSearch - Ask the Vet: Facial Nerve Injury
By Dr. Joyce Harman
Dr. Joyce Harman explains how to heal an injury to a horse's facial nerve in this edition of's Ask the Vet. Read more»

EquiSearch - Ask the Vet: Refuses Bit
By Dr. Joyce Harman
Dr. Joyce Harman shares reasons why a horse might not take his bit and how to correct the problem in this edition of's Ask the Vet. Read more»

EquiSearch - Ask the Vet: Diagnosing Lameness
By Dr. Joyce Harman
In this Ask the Vet, Dr. Joyce Harman outlines the diagnostic steps to follow if your horse has a mysterious lameness. Read more»

EQUUS - Good Reasons for Bad Behavior
By Linda Tellington-Jones with Bobbie Leiberman
TTouch originator Linda Tellington-Jones offers insight for getting to the root of the problem when a horse's performance or attitude isn't up to par. Read more»

Horseback Online - Copper Love and 'Whispers' from the Texas Hill Country
By Connie Strong
Horse Whisperer. Two simple words that may conjure up thoughts of something mystical or magical, but for those who have seen the results - and for those who practice the discipline - it's actually quite simple. Read more»

The Trail Rider - Calm Rider, Calm Horse
By Cynthia McFarland with Linda Tellington-Jones
A calm, relaxed rider leads to a calm, relaxed horse. Here, top trainer Linda Tellington-Jones (shown) gives you in-saddle relaxation tips. Read more»

Audio and Video Broadcasts

Linda and TTouch have also been featured on a number of broadcasts over the years. Listen and watch online.

Animal Communication: A Healing Journey - Animals in Rehabilitation Programs and Transitions
Anna Twinney with Special Guest, Linda Tellington-Jones
Session 4 of a special webinar series. Listen online»

Future Ready - perspectives of how we see the future.
Host Navjit Kandola, Director of the Nizhoni School for Global Consciousness interviews Linda Linda Tellington-Jones

Solving Horse Problems with Tellington TTouch featuring Robyn Hood, Instructor, Editor of TTEAM Connections Newsletter and Linda's sister.
Host: Katie Hickson on
Visit TTouch in Australia

Falling In Love With Your Cells.
An interview with Linda Tellington-Jones on Animal Heart Wisdom Show hosted by Sandy Rakowitz.

The Horse Show with Rick Lamb - Linda shares "The Touch that Teaches"
In Hawaii, Rick investigates the TTouch, creation of iconic horsewoman, Linda Tellington-Jones. Watch online»

Animal Talk Naturally - That Tender TTouch
With Dr. Kim Bloomer and Dr. Jeannie Thomason
This week on Animal Talk Naturally we have a wonderful guest who is well known in the world of natural animal health, Linda Tellington-Jones! Linda is always all over the world traveling and teaching others her famous TTouch and TTEAM (that's for horses) - which allows people to relate to us animals in a deeper, more compassionate way.

Pet Life Radio - Applying The Right Touch to Fearful, Phobic Dogs
With Arden Moore
Does your dog turn into a puddle of panic when a thunderstorm approaches? Or suffers from separation anxiety? Or gets spooked by the sound of a skateboard? Listen online»