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Why Use TTouch for Companion Animals?

TTouch for Companion Animals
  • Stress Reduction --  recognizing the signs of stress in an animal and helping to alleviate both the physical, emotional, and behavioral consequences of stress.
  • Building Confidence -- how to help an animal cope with new environments, other animals and people in appropriate ways.  This particularly applies to animals that come out of shelter and rescue situations . . . developing appropriate social skills!
  • Enhancing the relationship between animal and person -- involves helping people to better understand animal body language and communication signals,  the need for animals to feel safe and the true meaning of respectful interaction/training.

TTouch for Companion AnimalsThe Tellington TTouch Method is a unique approach to animal training and care developed by internationally known trainer, teacher, and author, Linda Tellington-Jones. Based on understanding and respect for our animal friends, this gentle method promotes well-being and adaptive behaviour through an integrated approach that helps to reduce stress and build confidence.

TTouch for Companion AnimalsThe foundation of the Tellington TTouch Method is a specific form of light circular touches and strokes known as TTouch®. Done with mindfulness and awareness of breath, this form of touch induces a state of relaxation and increased body awareness in animals and people alike.

The combination of the TTouch body work with unique movement exercises improves focus and attention, allowing optimal learning to take place.  By using a variety of other tools that also assist the animal to experience a sense of confidence in previously frightening or challenging situations, even the most difficult problems are often eliminated with just a few sessions.  The Tellington Method also provides people with a wonderful means of deepening the bond they share with their animal companions.

TTouch for Companion AnimalsWhat is covered in a TTouch Training for Companion Animals?

  • Philosophy and principles of the Tellington Method, as developed by Linda Tellington-Jones.
  • Physiology of stress and the relationship to behaviour.
  • Observational skill building: posture, balance, conformation, gait, and interaction with the environment using objectivity.
  • Skill building in the techniques of TTouch bodywork.
  • Use of the TTouch Tools.
  • Skill building in the Tellington TTouch Method of leading and groundwork.
  • Application of the Tellington TTouch Method to specific behaviour issues.
  • Application of the Tellington TTouch Method to other species, including cats, birds, small critters, and reptiles.

TTouch for Companion AnimalsHow Can The Tellington TTouch Method Help My Animal?

  • TTouch offers positive solutions to common behavioural and health-related issues, including inappropriate aggression, car sickness, separation anxiety, excessive barking, chewing, jumping up and leash-pulling in dogs, resistance to grooming, nervousness, shyness, thunder phobia etc.
  • The Tellington Method compliments any other type of training and can enhance performance in agility, showing, and other performance activities.
  • Contributes to general well-being, and offers support of veterinary care.
  • Deepens the bond and understanding between people and animals.

Who Uses The Tellington TTouch Method?

  • The Tellington TTouch Method is used by many animal professionals. The list includes groomers, pet sitters, trainers, animal behaviourists, shelter and rescue workers, breeders, vets, vet technicians, and competitors in agility, obedience, tracking.
  • Tellington TTouch Practitioners work with individual clients and teach one or two day workshops.
  • Of course, anyone who shares their life with animals can use the Tellington Method!

TTouch for Companion AnimalsHow Can I Learn More?

TTEAM Connections NewsletterKeep up-to-date with all the news about the Tellington TTouch Method! TTEAM Connections: a quarterly, 32 page newsletter, is dedicated to educating people about the TTEAM and TTouch methods along with other complementary ideas to help increase our understanding of animals and improve behavior, well-being and performance. You'll learn effective techniques to improve your horse's well-being, behavior and performance . . . read fascinating case studies . . . and stay up to date on TTEAM/TTouch trainings and seminars!

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