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The Three R’s of Training

Tellington TTouch Training
  • Results -- Is the method effective in teaching your animal new and more appropriate behaviors.
  • Respect -- Is the method respectful, humane, and fair?  Does it take into account your animal’s need to feel safe and help him develop confidence?
  • Re-Connection -- Is your relationship with your animal a priority?  Does the method teach you how to understand your animal’s body language and signals?  Does the method teach you how to communicate more effectively with your animal and develop a partnership based on trust?

The Tellington TTouch/TTEAM Method achieves these goals by looking at the animal as a whole and acknowledging the mutually dependent relationship between physical, mental, and emotional balance in regards to behavior and performance.

Tellington TTouch TrainingWhile there are many forms of training available, if you are seeking a method that answers all of these questions with a yes, we invite you to explore The Tellington TTouch Method of Training!

These following articles will help you utilize some of the TTouch/TTEAM exercises and methods on your own, with your own animals.  You may be surprised by how much a little can achieve!