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Getting in TTouch with Your Dog

Getting in TTouch with Your Dog

Price CDN: $21.00

Getting in TTouch with Your Dog: A Gentle Approach to Influencing Behavior, Health, and Performance

by Linda Tellington-Jones

This book not only offers a positive, no-force approach to training but also much, much more! Using a combination of specific TTouches (22 are described in detail), Leading Exercises, and the Confidence Course (exercises over obstacles), a dogs performance and health is improved, common behavior issues are solved, and physical problems are positively influenced.

Paperback, 128 pages, 226 color photos, 17 color drawings. Publisher: Trafalgar Square, 2001.

Note! You can purchase this book as part of a set that includes the Unleash Your Dogs Potential video and the TTouch cards for $45.00 (If purchased separately, these items would cost $60.95. With this set you save $20.45.)

$21.00 Paperback