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Calming Bands

Calming Bands

Price CDN: $8.00

Calming Bands

Try the TTouch Calming Band for barky, whiny dogs. The idea was developed from the use of the TTouch face wrap by two German practitioners who have a dog training school.

The band has elastic that goes over the nose with a nylon around the back of the ears and under the jaw, like a figure-8 headcollar with elastic on the nose. The Calming Band is more than a face wrap and less than a Halti. It is easier for the average person to put on a dog than the face wrap.

Robyn Hood has used the Calming Band with very Halti-sensitive dogs and attaches a light snap to the ring to help prepare the dog for the headcollar.

Please call 866-813-8169 to get your choice of colors. Available in small, medium and large.

$8.00 Small
$8.00 Medium
$8.00 Large