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Balance Rein - Woven

Balance Rein - Woven

Price CDN: $55.00

Balance Rein

The Balance Rein is like a "necklace" or a second rein at the base of the neck that rebalances a horse. It is used with a bridle for horses who have a tendency to come above the bit or behind the vertical, in combination with a snaffle or the TTEAM Training bit. The Balance Rein collects the horse and keeps him in a state of balance. The Balance Rein also invites horses to bring their backs up, to lengthen and to round the neck.

This style of Balance Rein is made of bio-thane and marine rope.

Read about using the Balance Rein in The Joy of Riding with TTEAM Equipment. (Note! Document in PDF format. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. Get Acrobat Reader here.)

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