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G4 Western Sport Sensation Ride™ Saddle

G4 Western Sport Sensation Ride™ Saddle

Price CDN: $1850.00

G4 Western Sport Sensation Ride™ Saddle

The Western Sport model Sensation meets the needs of the rider who wants the western "feel" - minus knee rolls. The 13” wide swell of the Western replaces the pommel of the other English models. The cantle of the Western is significantly wider and 1” taller than the other English versions. The Fenders on the Sensation Western are moveable up and down the 2” wide nylon leathers, offering the ability to change them to optimum placement for each rider.

Rings located at the rear and sides of the seats create attachment areas for cantle packs or water bottle holders for convenience on the trail. Front rings are for attaching a breastplate and carry handle. An extra set of lower front rings allows the option for use with a Western style breastplate.

This model is designed with the western rider in mind. It offers a secure, deep seat feeling very similar to the shape of a traditional western saddle, only much more comfortable! The fenders are stylized to reflect a western flair, and the seat and skirting is designed to uphold traditional western looks. While the skirting is longer than the English models, the actual weight bearing surface is identical at 19”, allowing even the shortest backed horse the ability to use the Western in comfort.

Standard sizes available for this model are Western 15” or 16”.

Choose from various colors and leathers

Black Leather Seat, Black
Black Suede Seat, Black
Brown Leather Seat, Black
Brown Leather Seat, Brown
Brown Suede Seat, Brown