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G4 Westlish Rebel Sensation Ride™ Saddle

G4 Westlish Rebel Sensation Ride™ Saddle

Price CDN: $1950.00

G4 Westlish Rebel Sensation Ride™ Saddle

The Sensation Westlish Rebel is the newest model in the Sensation line, and is actually a clever combination of two popular models. The name comes from Dana’s daughter, Samantha, who coined the term “westlish” to describe her riding style: a little bit english, and a little bit western!

We often have riders who love the Hybrid, but really miss the feeling of those “wrap around” fenders against the leg, rather than a more english style stirrup leather. The Westlish Rebel is a daring combination of the best of both worlds - the Hybrid base with the Seat and fenders of the Sensation Western!

The Westlish comes standard with G4 Rigging, but can be customized to accept G3 rigging.

9 Rings allow you to attach just about anything to your Rebel, but like our other models, you can certainly add more if desired! Seat sizes are available from 16” - 17”.

If you normally ride a western 15”, you should go one size bigger and order a 16” Westlish.

Choose from various colors and leathers

Black Leather Seat, Black
Black Suede Seat, Black
Brown Leather Seat, Black
Brown Leather Seat, Brown
Brown Suede Seat, Brown