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My Horse, My Friend - Hands-On TTouch® Training for Kids (by Bibi Degn)

My Horse, My Friend - Hands-On TTouch® Training for Kids (by Bibi Degn)

Price CDN: $14.95

My Horse, My Friend - Hands-On TTouch® Training for Kids

by Bibi Degn

Trafalgar Square Books is pleased to announce the publication of My Horse, My Friend by TTouch and TTEAM practitioner Bibi Degn.

Through the charming story of Maria and her budding relationship with her Arabian gelding Joram, this delightful book — beautifully illustrated with stunning full-color photographs — teaches kids how to properly interact with horses. Together with Maria, young equestrians will find out how to successfully greet, lead, groom, and mount a horse, and learn relationship-strengthening obstacle games to play on the ground and on horseback.

Horse-loving kids will master essential skills for engaging with horses while also discovering the exhilaration and excitement of horse companionship. Most importantly, the emphasis on interacting with horses in a kind and gentle manner instills an important life lesson and promises years of fulfilling relationships with animals of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments.

Bibi Degn is a riding instructor and Tellington TTouch practitioner. She learned the Tellington Method from its founder, Linda Tellington-Jones, and now heads the organization for teaching and learning the Tellington Method in Germany.

Linda Tellington-Jones developed the Tellington Method in the 1970s as a system of training and healing horses that deepens mutual trust, overrides common resistances, and strengthens the horse-human bond. Her techniques include a unique form of bodywork, ground exercises, and ridden work to improve a horse’s behavior, performance, and health while increasing his willingness and ability to learn in a supportive and trusting environment.

“Joram wants Maria to pay full attention to him when she is grooming him. He likes it when Maria looks at the expression on his face—since he can’t talk, this is his only way of showing her what he likes. Joram appreciates it when Maria’s hands know to treat his body in a very special way.”
from My Horse, My Friend by BiBi Degn

32 pp 8 ˝ x 10 ˝ 64 color photos

$14.95 Paperback