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Body Wraps

Body Wraps

Price CDN: $5.00

Body Wraps

Red label ACE™ elastic bandages

Red label ACE elastic bandages are available in three different widths 2, 3 and 4 inches wide – dyed various colours – call for available colours.

These are the type of wrap we used in the photos for the wrap books. They are top quality elastic bandages and have a quality of stretch we like the most. They also are long lasting.

Note! Shipping will adjusted depending on numbers of wraps shipped.

With Velcro Hook Closure
$6.00 2 inch with Velcro
$8.00 3 inch with Velcro
$10.00 4 inch with Velcro
Without Velcro Hook Closure
$5.00 3 inch without Velcro
$8.00 4 inch without Velcro