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TTouch Harmony Leash Set

TTouch Harmony Leash Set

Price CDN: $24.00

TTouch Harmony Leash Set

Reduces leash pulling and helps to maintain balance and cooperation. The genius is in its simplicity. These leashes can be used with any harness that has two points of connection. Adjustable leashes in 3/8 inch, 5/8 inch or 3/4 inch Nylon help to maintain balance with a sliding fleece handle. Available in multiple colors with a snap on each end. Perfect for leading with two points of contact.

Made in the Canada. Available in Black, Royal Blue, Red, Green, and Purple. Available in two lengths, 6 feet and 7 feet long, both adjustable (6 feet adjustable to 3 feet and 7 feet adjustable to 4 feet). Please specify color choice and length in comments.

$23.00 3/8 inch Width
$24.00 5/8 inch Width
$25.00 3/4 inch Width